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Rattlebox Marketing lays the groundwork for your company’s success. Great marketing plans start with what is known and then unearth research to fill in the gaps. These tools prepare solid strategy, tactics with consistent, relevant messages. Fuel to support growth and increase dollars to your company’s bottom line.

Rattlebox Marketing supports you with a comprehensive list of services including:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Audits
  • Define Target Audience
  • Market Strategy
  • Message Development
  • Social Media Content & Engagement
  • Program Management
  • Data Analytics
  • "I truly appreciated Amy’s approach to support my company in its start-up phase. As anyone who’s worked with an entrepreneur knows, the ability to embrace the fluidity of a new business is key. Amy and her company took on our initiatives with enthusiasm, hard work, and professionalism. She supported our goals by developing process systems, providing introductions to ancillary services, coordinating outside teams, and contributing guidance on brand identity design. Rattlebox Marketing really came through for Team Cura."

    Karen Hughey Founder & CEO, Team Cura
  • "Rattlebox Marketing gave us a fresh perspective on our marketing efforts, providing clarity on our spend and its return. The marketing audit showed us what was working, shared tweaks to leverage the successes, and gave us clarity to re-align our efforts and save money!"

    Terre Andresen Owner, Overland Park Awards
  • "The social media sessions Rattlebox Marketing presented our team for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn were fun and informative. Our team has a better understanding of the platforms, best practices for each, and the impact they can have on our business' success."

    Terre Andresen Owner, Overland Park Awards
  • "Rattlebox Marketing partnered with USBA at a critical time, quickly ramping up to fulfill our goals in social media management. The work included sourcing, writing, scheduling, and providing analysis for all our social media platforms. Rattlebox brought a level of professional commitment to our marketing team, keeping its obligations in the forefront, remaining flexible to unique opportunities, and educating the team and senior leadership on best practices for the social channels. We’re happy to have an ally in Rattlebox!"

    Matt Anderson Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Uniformed Services Benefit Association

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